Truck mounted satellite uplinks...

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Solo has a fleet of three state of the art uplink vehicles, suitable for live news coverage, sports events, business & education TV. We offer transmissions meeting DVB specification. Each uplink truck comes fully equipped with a fully redundant transmission chain, a paradise comms modem capable of providing two way audio channels within 64Kb/s carrier, (return uplink required for two way communications), in addition to two GSM units for back up comms between locations. For on site communications there are three radio kits on board each vehicle, which can provide either radio microphone/ or radio presenters talkback in any combination.

    Each truck has the following on board:
  • 4 x 80m video cable
  • 100m multi 8 way audio cable
  • 2 x 50m multi 4 way cable
  • Stick microphone
  • Lapel Microphone
  • 3 x Wireless earpieces
Solo have one 3.7m dual band flyaway system, which has proved to be extremely adept at delivering our statistical multiplexer to clients around the world, at either C-Band or Ku Band. Additionally we have two 2.4m Ku Band flyaways.