11 years of experience has taught us that sometimes our clients just want a one stop shop. Somewhere they can explain what they want to achieve without wanting to know the intricacies of 'QPSK modulation.' or what kind of IP protocols you may use!
Solo's experienced engineers can offer complete turnkey solutions for a variety of communications issues, be it extending telephone circuits remotely over 400 miles at the drop of a hat, providing business grade internet access in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere, or delivering live HD television pictures globally from major sporting events. No matter the size of your requirement it demands the same dedication from us, and because the communications is all in house, its all in hand. We don't make promises we can't deliver on!

    Our work to date speaks for itself.

  • Tennis Masters Series 2000-2010. Solo provided on site transmission at every event, our signals are delivered live around the world to broadcasters in approximaltey 30 different countries.
  • 2008 European city of culture. Liverpool, and solo where there providing three outgoing channels for the BBC. Live coverage of the liverpool concert including The Zutons, Kaiser Cheifs and Sir Paul McCartney.
  • Pre General election broadcast 2005. Solo executed the uplinks to interview the three major party leaders for live debates on prime time BBC1, and at the end of the week, Question time, a live debate with all three leaders present.
  • live heart surgery! Surgical level video conferencing, allowed heart surgeons to teach new techniques with thousands of miles between them & their viewers, and to accomodate some widely dispersed viewers, solo added a webstream.
  • Gardeners world live 2008 HD, Yes The pictures were delivered to the BBC by Solo.