Solo 4, built on a Mercedez sprinter LHD 412 chassis, contains a fully redundant Ku Band uplink, dual path and multiplex capable while retaining full redundancy. On the transmission side, it has two roof mounted 180W HPA's in phase combined arrangement, offering a very quiet interior workspace. Its 1.5m Swedish antenna has excellent receive capabilities for downlinking return paths.
Solo 4 is equipped with a 16x16 matrix with 2 levels of associated stereo audio per video channel. There are six dedicated composite video, and six dedicated SDI inputs, with SDI-composite monitoring, including embedded audio.
This truck is specifically designed around multi channel or higher bandwidth use, by phase combining HPA's it is possible to still output 180w forward power while still maintaining recommended levels of amplifier back off when running dual path. It can be run completely independently of all telephone and power facilities. With an on board Fisher Panda generator with an output of 8kVA it is possible to supply 240V up to 4A for camera lights etc.