Solo have a large number of Tandberg MPEG2 encoders available for hire. All encoders are capable of encoding 4 audio channels (2 stereo pairs) unless otherwise stated.

  • 4 x 5740's SD, with motion estimation, BISS, RAS, REMUX, MODULATOR.
  • 4 x 5782's HD/SD hybrid with HD lookagain from SD encoder, BISS.
  • 6 x 5611's SD with motion estimation.
  • 6 x 5770's SD with second SD lookagain encoder, motion estimation, additional audio card (4 stereo pairs).
  • 4x 5425 SD RAS, REMUX, MODULATOR, additional audio cards avaialble, Data cards available.
  • 2x 5410 SD additional audio cards available.