Technical comparisons...

VehicleMercedez 412D LWB Sprinter
TX Power72dBW max69dBW max
Antenna1.5m ERA 45.5dBW gain1.2m IGP 44dBW gain1.5m Swedish 43dBW gain
HPA's2x 350w rack mount2x 400w roof mount2x 180w roof mount
HPA Arrangement1:1 switch or phase combined
RedundancyFully, 2x encoder's, multiplexer's, upconverter's, BUC's, HPA's
Dual pathCapable, combined at 70Mhz
MCPCcapable fully DVB compliant
CommsParadise sat modem, 2x cell phone IFB 1x TBU, 3x radio kits for either earpieces or microphones
Encoders2x Tandberg 4:2:2/4:2:0 as standard, N+1 mininmum maintained for dual path/MCPC as required
BasebandBeta SP. 8x2 matrix stereo audioSX laptop edit pack, also play SP. 16x16 matrix SDI/Comp with 2 levels of associated stereo audio, SDI to composite converters monitoring up to six feeds.
Power requirements240VAC 32amps single phase
GeneratorFisher Panda 10kVAFisher Panda 10kVA super quietFisher Panda 8kVA